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Just as a logo works to depict a business’s identity, a striking illustration on the cover should talk them into purchasing your masterpiece. Book Writing Inc. knows what a challenge a book cover design can become and that’s why, we partner with the most eminent of digital design agencies out there to get you an engaging and a professional book cover design for your next book. Apart from the creative illustration, there is something far more important than that, for instance, the ISBN, publishing and author details. This is another thing our mindful designers excel at.

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An engaging and a professional book cover is original and simple. The three features are very much interrelated to each other and go hand in hand. No one likes too much going on in a compact space of 8 by 8 inches of your book cover. If your illustration is witty, figurative and original at the same time, chances are, they will get pretty attached to your book. But that doesn’t work all the time of course; it depends largely on the subject matter of your book. A figurative cover design, for instance, doesn’t go on a business book that is filled with entrepreneurial techniques! Along with the above three, thus, it is crucial that the design be relevant.

Although it’s quite clichéd to say that they judge your book by its looks, at the same time, it quite practical to say that because they do judge a book by its cover. It’s often the first look that creates impressions. A book cover that is noticeable in a sea of books and gives an insight into the book just at a single glance, is exactly the kind of cover you need. Passionate designers at Book Writing Inc. closely work with the authors to learn what kind of a cover tends to go with your idea. They land you with the most attracting book cover that doesn’t fail to drive people into purchasing your book.

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Apart from the fact that a book cover design should be engaging enough to get the business going, it is very much important for it to attract the publishers as well. Given that there are a number of requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to get the book published- the POD presses, e-books, for instance, require certain technicalities to be met in terms of formatting, image resolution and file type. But that’s not for you to worry, let us take over today and reap the benefits forever!

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