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Book editing services includes fine revisions and efficient usage of grammar, diction, and punctuation check to meet all publishing criterion.

Proof-Reading at Its Best

Fine revisions with efficient grammar, diction and punctuation check to meet all publishing criterion.

Personalized Assistance

Our editing assistance is fully powered by your manuscript’s requirements.

Get Your Book Out

We do not leave until we have seen your book in print.

What Our Editors Offer

Our scrupulous editors at Book Writing Inc., who are providing the outstanding book editing services, adhere to proper grammar rules and formatting outlines while performing their expert book editing services. They work diligently in order to revise and refine your manuscript thereby preparing it for quick publication and this has earned our company the status of one of the most promising book editing companies in town. The fact that among our clients exist some of the New York Times bestsellers is an enough proof that whether it is ghostwriting service, rewriting or simple editing, our staff has got it all covered!


Our basic book editing services embraces:

  • Basic editing; rectifying typos, grammar, punctuation
  • Intense proofreading; diction, syntax, restructuring
  • Insightful review and helpful consultancy about the manuscript
  • Innovative editing; generating new content at times to better enhance the language
  • Publishing services; managing self-publishing, reaching out to major publishers


Why You Need an Expert Editor

No matter how skilled you may get, you are always prone to making mistakes. Even the most prolific of writers need to get their work proofread and this is perhaps why they stand where they do today. It takes a million nerves to accept that you might be wrong but once you have moved those million nerves, things go quite seamlessly.

You simply need an expert editor by the best book editing service company because as a writer, you tend to hug your words and get immune to any errors it may carry. However, when a different person eyes your work, his eye tends to overlook all emotional attachments that you might have developed with your work. This is one reason why if you view your work years after it has written, you may come across certain errors that you could not spot before. While you still hold your judgment against this, the truth is that at some point in your life, you need a professional editor-someone with a sound knowledge of book publication industry and concrete language skills to give an edge to your work.

Why Our Editors Only?

Although it is very much your say in choosing editors who are able to provide the best book editing services, we recommend the number one editors (in town and while you sit there completely oblivious about such facts. We assure you, at Book Writing Inc., we collaborate with some of the finest editors in town with the matchless editing skills you can ever come across.

The Service You Deserve

It is right from the time, that you choose us for our book editing services that we go to extra lengths to get your work right in all its dimensions. Whether it is our business-like manner or our readiness to serve you, we redefine customer service thereby helping our organization build strong ties with its clients.


One of the most important things we focus on is Staff-Client Interaction. Since communication is an integral element that contributes to an organization’s success, at Book Writing Inc., we resort to great lengths to maintain the cohesion of interaction that takes place between our clients and us regarding our book editing services. We recognize the utmost importance of strong communication in customer building, thus, we exercise special care in editing and recrafting your work so as to fully customize it for you.

Successful Publishing History

Along with our premium editorial services, we are providing cost-effective publishing services with book editing services. Our lucrative ghostwriting pricing packages have helped enhance our reputation in the industry. Owing to our flexible services and impeccable quality of work, we have established a renowned name in the publishing industry. Book Writing Inc., thus, proudly announces its appreciation with some of the most accomplished names in the industry. Apart from renowned authors, we collaborate with some of the most highly regarded literary agents, celebrities, business executives and work alongside well-reputed publishing houses to publish different genres from pertaining to literature, business, scholarly journals, famous essays and a lot more. To top it all, most of our works in the past have readily accepted by the biggest publishing houses operating worldwide including Random House and Harper Collins.

Formatting and Typesetting Services

Several steps follow writing and editing. It might perhaps be too much of an exhaustion to discover that editing is definitely not the final step of your work. The succeeding steps you need to master include rigorous formatting and typesetting skills. If you want to get your work accepted to one of the big five publishing houses, you know you are talking big here. If your work lacks proper manuscript style and formatting, the odds of being accepted are quite against you. Whether we talk about a formal journal or a witty piece, to get your book ready for publication can become one of the most tedious tasks ever. To help you overcome the distress of all this, we have decided a reasonable book editing service price package, which consist of the following services:


  • Using different formats such as APA, Harvard, Chicago, Cambridge)
  • Typesetting and Formatting for different publishers and presses
  • Complete formatting and typesetting for eBook layout (Kindle, Kobo, Nook etc.)

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