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Our Book Consultation Services are specifically designed to put an end to all your worries that have been troubling you regarding your ages-old manuscript. Every book needs a critical eye to be viewed with. Perhaps that’s one reason why you can’t get through the errors that you’ve been making all along. Here are a couple of things that are critique interrogates your writing about.

  • Are the structure and layout well-organized and easy to go through?
  • What the redundancy to clarity ratio of your writing?
  • Does the first line of your manuscript does well to play with your reader’s mind?
  • Do the characters maintain consistency throughout the novel or are they too scattered all over? Are there too many flat characters?
  • What does the book say about your knowledge of the publishing industry?
  • What about the conclusion? Does it leave them longing for more?
  • What does your theme say about your potential market?

Have you ever had any or all of these worries regarding you work? If that’s a yes, we’d be more than obliged to offer you our expert book consultant’s services. All your manuscript needs is a talented literary mind to thoroughly review your book. Our expert consultants are, therefore, ready to transform your book into an irresistible work of legends.

What Our Reviewers and Consultants attend to

Some of the history’s most eminent authors’ writings had to undergo various critical reviewing tests. Our assigned book consultant commits to your manuscript and rigorously works on everything starting from syntax and diction of your text. Our consultants also work with a problem-solving approach that best brings out your book’s theme in a unique way. Our consultants provide valuable feedback regarding your plot, theme, language as well as the market your book is likely to cover.

While our well-experienced individuals join heads to pave the way for your manuscripts transformation, you can count on us to treat it with the care it so clearly deserves. To add to this, our various book review service packages come equipped with our advanced consultancy services as well!

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