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Ghostwriting Services - This is Where We Transform Your Book into a Best Seller

Personalized writing and editing services to best suit your goals and objectives. Allow us to discuss ghostwriting pricing with you and determine the best solutions for optimal results.

We promise you comprehensive writing solutions for highly reasonable rates. For instance, you might only need proofreading or developmental editing services which are relatively cheaper than ghostwriting prices.

Feel free to discuss your book and determine the best possible service and price for you. Call +1-855-888-3523

Professional Ghostwriting Services

Enjoy the benefits of working with a world-class firm at an affordable cost. Our talented ghostwriters are at your service. With years of experience from a variety of industries, we are equipped to offer you the best ghostwriting services you can find.

Book Cover Design

Enjoy the benefits of working with a world-class firm at an affordable cost. Our talented ghostwriters are at your service with amazing discounts in ghostwriting pricing plans.

You Pay $499.00

Premium Book Video

Similar to a movie trailer advertising a film, this creative book preview grabs the attention of readers and builds your book’s awareness.

You Pay $3,999

Author Website

The Internet is the fastest-growing marketplace for books, and online book sales are poised to surpass sales through traditional retail outlets.

You Pay $999.00

Professional Audio Book

Over the years, the demand for audiobooks has significantly increased because readers are now able to easily download books and listen to them while they are on the move.

You Pay $7,999.00

Custom Book Illustrations

Our team of experienced in-house artists will work with you to produce a striking custom illustrations that will help your book stand out.

You Pay $499.00

Book Publishing

Publishing a book is a complicated job. Luckily, you have us to take care of the complexities, making your book available to readers around the globe. We offer most reasonable ghostwriting pricing for Book Publishing services.

You Pay $499.00

Book Marketing

Our Digital Marketing Service uses a unique combination of services to introduce your book to potential online readers globally.

You Pay $2,499.00


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