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Publishing Consultancy

One to One Advisory Services

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Author Services

If you’re already an established author seeking consultancy over unpublished work, ping us fast!

Progress Assessment and Critique

Through our detail-oriented approach, we land you with constructive criticism

Getting your book out in print can become quite a challenge especially when you’re only a beginner and also the only one handling the entire publication process. If you’re a beginner, chances are you’ll end up stuck in the middle of nowhere. It is thus, quite crucial that you get all the details out and consult a proper publishing consultant before you end up wasting your time. We say this because we have a proven record of working in the industry with amateurs as well as with industry experts.

Whether it pertains to getting your query letter made or book proposal done, our publishing consultants look after every minute detail that matters.

Do you feel even half a percent inclined towards trying us out? If that’s a yes, go for it and put an end to your publication worries!

Services Offered

  • Designing Book Cover
  • Formatting and typesetting and eBook Conversions
  • Critically Reviewing
  • Self-Publication Services
  • Letter and Proposal writing

Don’t worry about the lump sums those book publishing consultants charge and in the most affordable amount as our publishing consultant’s fees, let us transform your idea into a full-fledged book with words that conquer and impressions that win!

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